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  • Type “@friendsname” to tag a user! They will be notified about your post or status, and will be better able to reply to you!
  • Click the camera and music note icon below a post or status field, to add images to your post! Sometimes it helps to add your image after you’ve written you’re post. There’s a bug here we’re working on.
  • Type “:” to bring up the emoji database! Start typing the name of a symbol, and it will show up for you in the text box
  • Not sure what you’d like to set as a profile picture? When setting your profile, select the tab that brings up the “Avatar Suggestions,” and it will offer you a default selection of Alberta Grows profile pictures to choose from!
  • Want to post a link to something somewhere on the web? If you make a status with a URL link in it, unfortunately, it won’t appear immediately โ€“ these types of posts are automatically flagged and need be approved by moderators. This is to protect our users from spam content on our website! If you post something with a link, it may take a day or so to go through.



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