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    Nature played a wee trick on us today in Edmonton. It is currently snowing and the ground is blanketed in perfect snowball making snow. Have you had time to winterize your garden yet? I have a Twist N Shout Hydrangea, a zone 4 experiment in my garden, around which I installed a large rose collar and filled with mulch. I’ll keep you updated in the spring as to how it fared through the winter. It’s not really in a protected spot as it faces southwest but it did really well this first summer in the garden. I love its fall colour and hope to manipulate the colour of the blooms next spring. At its base, before mulching, I applied a liberal amount of peat moss over the soil immediately beneath the hydrangea. I plan to purchase some aluminum sulphate next spring to further aid the colour change. (I’m not big on pink in my garden). I learned recently that if you apply the aluminum sulphate while the flower buds are beginning to form, you have a better change of affecting change in colour. I’ll let you know!

    I’m including a couple other wintery photos just for fun.

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    It always snows on Halloween. I remember having to put my winter coat over my costume every year as a child. I have a young azalea that I covered in burlap to help it get through winter, as well as a couple of young honeyberries that I covered. Like you, I’m just hoping they make it through the cold. All of the snow should provide an insulation layer against the >-30 though so that’s a benefit to the piles of snow this November.

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    Snow is the best insulator. Thanks for sharing your winter preparations here @shirleym and @michellebazinet. We’d love to see photos of your hydrangeas and azalea in the spring.

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