What is your favourite container plant?

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    I always add mathiola (evening scented stock) to at least one container. This container sits on my deck near the door where, when I have just the screen between me and the outdoors, the fragrance wafts in the air, into the house. It is heavenly!

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    My favourite is Victoria Blue Salvia, but I can’t get it anymore. https://www.gardenia.net/plant/salvia-farinacea-victoria-blue-mealy-cup-sage
    But this year I found one that looks very close.

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    It’s sad when you can’t find an old favourite. I’m happy for you to have found a similar plant. Hope it works well.

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    Isn’t evening scented stock lovely? I use it a lot too. In fact today I was at a greenhouse and heard a customer remark to her husband that she’d found the table with the evening scented stock and the women nearby practically dropped what they were doing to get theirs too!! Incredible!!

    One of my favourite container plants is the ponytail grass. I have two pots on the deck stairs that I always plant with just ponytail grass, one per pot. It reminds me of the beach by the ocean. A tiny breeze can stir the grass making it wave gently, reminiscent of the wild grass of the beach. I leave it in the pots over the winter. Though the snow may weigh it down, it pops back up when the snow melts and adds movement I can appreciate early in the season. It’s an annual grass.

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