Soil Quality and Ph Decides Your Plant's Health

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    Is your soil alkaline, acidic or neutral? Do you know why it’s important to know your soil’s ph?

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    Last I checked, mine was Acidic. Though it’s likely well past time I took stock of how its health is faring, given some recent struggles. From what I know (…and some sneaky additional reading), acidity level affects the nutrients available to plants / crops growing within the soil, as well as their growth (size / health etc) as a number of them can’t tolerate dramatic – or even small – shifts in acidity levels. At least, I think… ;P Curious to learn more, though!

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      Hi @kinfuzzy. How interesting that your soil is acidic. Most of us in Alberta have alkaline soil due to the limestone beneath our soil. Are you near peat bogs by chance?

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