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    Hi everyone! I’ve been reading the forums and just wanted to say hi. It’s a fabulous warm day in Edmonton and perfect gardening weather. What have you recently added to your garden?

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    My new additions this year are Raspberry Mousse toad lilies, White Feather hosta, Uncharted Waters day lilies, a pink beebalm, Queen of the Prairie, a Japanese anemone, Digitalis Obscura “Sunset” and “Apricot” foxglove, Canterbury Bells, milkweed, False Sunflower. These are all first time purchases. Eager to see how they do. I also planted crocosmia bulbs for the first time this year.

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    Good morning @conniepr. You’ve added a lot of new varieties this spring! Where did you find White Feather Hosta? I had to look up images for Raspberry Mousse toad lilies, what gorgeous colour! I’ve grown tricyrtis herta in the past but have never seen one so colourful! What a selection of goodies you have! I grew crocosmia for the first time last year and lifted it as you would a gladiola bulb in the fall. I planted it again this spring and it’s growing well. I can’t wait for it to bloom again! Happy Growing!!

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    Thanks, Lotus Flower. I got the White Feather hosta through the Brecks mail order catalogue.

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    Thanks @conniepr. I hope you’ll attach photos of your new additions. I can’t wait to see your toad lily in bloom! (I really want to see your White Feather Hosta too!)

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    Good evening all! @conniepr, I’d like to see photos of your garden with your new additions as well. I wish we could attach videos so we could enjoy each other’s gardens fully. I imagine that would take another plug-in eh, @Lotus Flower?

    It’s been extremely windy here today, but not as bad as Red Deer had it last night. A lot of mature trees were damaged. This wind reminds me of southern Alberta, where if it’s not windy, it’s extraordinary!

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    None of the new additions are blooming yet and I don’t really think they will for at least a few weeks, except the beebalm which might bloom within a week. The milkweed and false sunflower are tiny. The toad lily just decided to jump in size in the last few days. The white feather hosta came with just a tiny shoot of leaves that were twisted, so it doesn’t look nice yet. I suspect the new daylilies won’t bloom this year at all.

    We’ve had a lot of rain and not enough heat, so a lot of my plants are just hanging in there and not doing much. A few nice days of heat coming on the weekend. Hope we get more than just a few days!

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      Good morning @conniepr. While plants in some respects are loving the rain, I agree we need some nice sunny days to get things growing. Even some of my pots are slow to do much, except the shade lovers. They’re loving this!!

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    This planter contains a coleus, a beautiful begonia (which if it never flowers I won’t care. Just look at those leaves!) and a maidenhair fern which I will either plant into the garden at the end of the season or take in as a houseplant. I love that I have those options.

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    shirleym: where did you get your begonia? They are fantastic but I can’t find any online.

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      Hi @michellebazinet. I purchased this begonia at a local garden centre. You can probably find one at a garden centre near you this spring. If you’re near Sherwood Park, try Salisbury Greenhouse (where I purchased mine).

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