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    Do you mindfully plant for pollinators? Last year I allowed my chives to flower and the bees loved them. Like many others, I am trying to be more mindful in my plant selections to encourage pollinators in the garden.

    I received a package of seeds in the Save the Bee campaign and planted the package in a container, uncertain if there’d be anything that might spread out of control. Did anyone else plant seeds from the Cheerios Save the Bee campaign?

    The bee balm (monarda) and yarrow photos were taken at the St. Albert Botanical Garden.

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    I didn’t plant these delphiniums but had to stop to watch the bees busy at work in the flowers. Next year I want to plant more flowers to encourage the bees to come around. Did anyone else have to hand pollinate their pumpkin plants?

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      Hello @lilylover! The delphiniums are lovely and bees really do love to visit them! As far as pollinating pumpkin flowers go, I know of several gardeners who do the pollinating themselves. I haven’t the room for pumpkins myself though I’d entertain growing in a pot.

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