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    Hi all,

    I’ve got another question for you guys! I’ve got this tree in my backyard that when I bought the place, it looked like some sort of fruit tree that didn’t have any fruit on it at the beginning of August. Throughout the month I started to notice some fruits starting to appear. They’re about the size of a quarter round, and now they look and taste like a peach. They have a pit in the middle as well. I am really curious as to what this could be. I’ve tried looking up mini peach tree but nothing has came up that matches what I have in my backyard. I will post a few pics of the tree, and the fruit on it.

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    Might you send a closeup of a single leaf so we can better see the shape, the veining and the edges? What colour were the blossoms?

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    Also, was the pit cling free or did the fruit cling to the stone a bit? Did you happen to take a photo of the inside of the fruit?

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    The skin is very tough on the fruit, and it’s changing from a peachy color to sort of a red now that the weather is cooler. The pit clings to the fruit pretty well also. As for the blossoms, I am not too sure, as they must have fell off just before I moved it to this place. I have attached some more photos of the front and back of the leaf, as well as the fruit and pit.

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    Thank you for sending more photos and descriptives. It looks like we can rule out peach and probably even apricot based on this information. We’re leaning more towards a variety of plum, especially considering the lateness of its ripening. Does the fruit have a sweet spicy smell?

    Is the skin sweet or bitter to the taste? Has the foliage of the tree begun to turn colour?

    (look up Toka plum OR apricot for comparisons [note the leaf shape of an apricot is often round, heart-shaped])

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    Hi Brett and everyone! I showed these photos to the tree nursery manager at the greenhouse where I work. Though the leaf shape seems off, he thinks it is an apricot because of the appearance of the flesh of the fruit.

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