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    Several areas of our province are expecting or are experiencing a heat wave with cautions for severe weather due to temperatures above 30 C. What steps do you take to protect your plants (flowers, containers, garden beds, trees and shrubs) in such heat? Do you use self-watering containers? I have one and wish I had more. I notice a definite difference between my two over the rail planters. One has a reservoir for self-watering while the other doesn’t. Can you guess which one thrives?

    Do you water twice a day, move plants in containers to shadier locations? Provide a sun screen? Please share your tips.

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    I water first thing in the morning, before I go to work. Then again when I get home if needed. I grow tomatoes in containers and find they are super thirsty in this heat! I also have one self-watering container but am considering getting more as it works incredibly well!!

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    Mulch. Adding 2-3 inches of mulch will help keep the soil moist during hot spells. You can mulch your container plants too!

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    One of my friends developed an elaborate system of drip irrigation to water her containers. When she lived in an apartment, she had every space imaginable, both vertical and horizontal, lined with containers. She had a drip irrigation system hooked up to water her plants while she was on holiday. It worked marvellously! Not a single plant lost in her absence!

    Have you tried drip irrigation for your containers?

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