Feeding Birds in Winter

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    Part of the preparations for winter often include hanging bird feeders of one sort or another. I recall growing up my mom would always throw the bread crumbs out on the snow for the sparrows who stayed over winter. (crumbs from her fresh homemade bread, of course!). This year I am trying suet in a hanging basket. Thus far I haven’t seen any action at the feeder but it’s early. What have you tried and was it successful?

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    I have magpies, which I love. They poop on everything and destroy stuff, sure. It’s like having toddlers only I get to sleep all night. I made apple shrunken heads for Halloween and put them on my porch railing. The magpies have not touched them. They ate the raisins inside the heads but not the apple. Yep, just like toddlers.

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    Hi Michelle and welcome to Alberta Grows. Magpies are such beautiful birds, I think, despite being a bit of a nuisance. Thanks for your post today. It made me laugh.

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