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    If you could have any tree, without restrictions, what would it be? I love Japanese maples. If only we were at least a zone 5 so I could grow them! Failing that, I think maples are my favourite. At my old house we had a Three-flowerd maple (acer triflorum), an apparently very rare tree that I cannot find anywhere again. It has gorgeous fall colour, peeling bark and beautiful form.

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    I planted a Japanese Maple last year and it wintered really well. I think it’s the “purple ghost” variety. So far, it seems to be very happy.

    I also planted a Norway Maple, which is becoming huge and so beautiful. I love the deep red/purple foliage.

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    Please tell me how you accomplished this @nixpaints! I’d love to know your secrets to overwintering a Japanese maple!!

    Maples are so glorious! I’m glad to see you are enjoying them too. Are maples your favourite tree?

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    Maples are my favorites too, although most won’t survive in my area. I do have a Norway maple in my backyard but it’s just green leaves, no red. I recently found a source for the Tataric maple, which is the closest I can find to the more tender maples. The sell them at T&T Seeds in Saskatchewan. Bought mail order a few years ago. It’s doing fine and love the color in the leaves, but it’s still tiny. And the leaves are tiny too.

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    Spell checker changed wrong, it’s Tatarian Maple.

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    @conniepr, it’s gorgeous!!

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    Thanks, Lotus Flower. The picture is deceiving though. That is off the T&T Seeds website and must be after many, many years of growth. My little fledgling is tiny, no more than four feet tall and the leaves are extremely tiny!

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    The future looks promising @conniepr!

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    Oh, @nixpaints, how did you overwinter your Japanese maple? What side of the house did you plant it on (N,E,W,S)? I’ve heard that planting on the east side of the house increases your zone 5 plants’ survivability.

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    Hi everyone! I’m glad that storm was short-lived!

    My favourite tree is the mountain ash. The showy mountain ash is so beautiful in the autumn and the waxwings love to eat the fruit off them in the winter! It’s something to watch as they descend as a flock on the tree, eat a lot of berries, then fly off to another tree to do it again. A few of my neighbours have mountain ash as well so it is a magnet for these birds.

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    I would love to have an orange Japanese Quince or Jelena Witch Hazel. Instead, I’m looking into a Canadian Persimmon.

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