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    My apartment balcony in Edmonton is Northeast-facing and fairly sun-drenched for most of the day. Any thoughts on whether I might be able to grow some container edibles out there? If so, any recommendations?

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    Yes, you should be able to plant some tomatoes and peas and lettuce in pots. I’ve done it previously myself.

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    Agree with Gardengirl. Tomatoes in pots, bags and anything else you can get soil & seeds into. Peas, beans & thunbergera (black-eyed Susan vine – although not edible!) can provide a little shade and privacy too. I grew scarlet runner beans on the 4th floor in Fort Saskatchewan a few years ago and had hummingbirds visiting. 😎

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    Awesome, thanks for the great suggestions! I will definitely try some of those vegetables. Hummingbirds would be super cool!

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    I don’t understand the north-east-facing (that sounds to me like very little sun?) but since you say it’s a sun-drenched location I’ll assume I have my directions confused. I agree with the other comments though, that you can grow LOTS of food. The main thing I wanted to say is that in my experience, sunny balconies need to be watered heavily, regularly, often twice a day for some plants. Just a heads up for successful growing. 🙂

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    In addition to tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and strawberries, I’ve grown celery and herbs in pots with terrific success. You might also try chives (which overwinter in its pot on my deck yearly), onions, radishes, carrots (if your pot is deep enough), and potatoes too. There’s a good video on YouTube by Amy Grisak on how to grow potatoes in a container.

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    I grew potatoes in containers last year. I would suggest potato grow bags because at the end of the season you can fold them up and it’s easier for storage. You do need a fairly large sized container for potatoes. I have also grown tomatoes successfully as well as green onions. I have no doubts that you could do lettuce/herbs etc as well. You will probably have to water your containers daily and compost always helps too. If you start worm composting in your apartment it could reduce your waste and also feed your plants 🙂

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    Hello Everyone

    I grow in pots on my small deck as well.

    I have Onions (which aren’t looking too great), Strawberries, Mint, bok choi. Also trying a potato barrel.

    Do you think as a beginner gardener I’m in over my head?

    Any tips from watering, to fertilizing would be appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Many edible plants thrive on the balcony. Because the plants are in containers rather than in the garden, the soil warms up very quickly and is most often warmer than the soil in the ground. Some plants love this cosy environment. Others aren’t quite as enthused.
    are well surviving container plants on the balcony.

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    Great to hear how everyone’s growing their garden.

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