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    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of aphids? I’ve noticed a population explosion in the garden! The lettuce, roses, petunias all have them! I’ve tried spraying with a hose but am looking for other suggestions please. Also, I’ve heard about companion planting. Has anyone tried this to help keep aphids away from desirable plants?

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    Hi @lilylover! Aphids are a problem now. It seems late in the season but they’re out there! Roses, lettuce, saskatoons, nine bark are all plants that I’ve heard of being inundated with aphid populations right now. If you don’t have a strong ladybug population in your garden now, you can look at ways of providing a desirable habitat for them for next year.

    You mentioned companion planting which is a really good idea in the vegetable garden. A few options you might consider are nasturtiums, chives and coriander. Here are a coupe informative articles you might find interesting: https://www.thespruce.com/companion-planting-1402735 and https://www.harvesttotable.com/insect-deterrent_plants/.

    As well, keep an eye open for Seedy Sunday next spring if you are in the Edmonton/Sherwood Park area. Seedy Sunday offers the opportunity to gain knowledge in several aspects of horticulture such as building soil, companion planting, preserving your harvest, etc.

    In the vegetable garden you may also use insecticidal soap which must make direct contact to be effective. Follow directions on the bottle for application and how long after application you must wait before harvesting. You can also use sticky traps, remove badly covered leaves, and avoid high nitrogen fertilizers. Frequent inspections of your plants is necessary for control.

    When petunias become covered in aphids this late in the season, I often just remove the plant altogether.

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    Thank you Lotus Flower. It’s so late in the season and the forecast looks like it could freeze overnight soon so I’m just going to pull it out and throw out the petunia. A friend told me that this time of year that’s what she does because petunias always seem to get aphids in late summer.

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    Hi @lilylover. Aphids can be disturbing. You might also notice ants near the aphids. They don’t eat the aphids but do enjoy eating the honeydew substance aphids secret. Ants have been known to “farm” aphids and protect them. Sometimes the honeydew substance grows black with mould. If you can get ladybugs into your garden next spring, you’ll get better results in aphid control. The larvae of the ladybug is your real friend here. They eat about 400 aphids each during their developmental stage. As adults, they eat about 50 aphids a day! You can buy ladybugs at select local garden centres in the spring. It’s important to get them early so they can establish themselves but there must be a food source for them to stay…. aphids!

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