Is anyone doing any indoor winter vegetable growing

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    I bought a green oak living lettuce from the grocery store the other day. I’m also trying microgreens from sunflower seeds since I have so many. I have a leek in water. Lastly, I finally see a sprout of a basella rubra climbing spinach. These are in my kitchen in front of my SAD light.

    I also brought in my tomato plants to see how long they would last through the winter. I turn on a grow bulb near them whenever I’m home during the day. They aren’t doing great but I have a few tomatoes on them in December.

    Is anyone else doing any indoor winter gardening?

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    Hello Michelle. I love that you are continuing to pursue your love of gardening through the winter. Rob Sproule of Salisbury Greenhouse recently posted this article which may be of assistance to you:

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