Any idea what this is?

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    Hey there! I’m just wondering if anyone knows what this plant is? I live in Vegreville and found it in a field that’s used to store the snow plowed off of streets in the Winter. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello @creepytiki and welcome to Alberta Grows! It may be Salicornia maritima, common name Sampfire or Glasswort or Salicornia rubra emergent marsh. “The species of Salicornia are widely distributed over the Northern Hemisphere and in southern Africa, ranging from the subtropics to subarctic regions. They are absent from South America and Australia.[4]

    They grow in coastal salt marshes and in inland salty habitats like shores of salt lakes.[4] Salicornia species are halophytes and can generally tolerate immersion in salt water (hygrohalophytes).” (Wikipedia)

    Try this link:

    Another source:

    Plants of Alberta

    by France Royer and Richard Dickinson, Lone Pine Publishing 2007, pg 159.

    Please let me know if this helps. If you don’t agree, I’ll research some more for you.

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