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Fall Clean Up: To do or Not to Do?

“I leave everything in place every fall. I have occasionally worried about whether it will backfire on me and I will get diseases of some kind in my plants but so far have not had that problem. In fact, I even mow the leaves on the lawn and rake them into the flowerbeds as a way of composting and improving the soil.” – Conniepr


“I clean up my garden every fall. I usually start with the pond, moving the fish indoors. Then pick all the tomatoes and peppers and bag all the plants for the garbage. After the first frost I cut back and bag all the perennials. This coming week I will dig up the beets and carrots. I like to have everything cut back and clean before winter. In the spring I sit back and watch for the new growth to appear. I know spring has arrived when my butterwort pushes up its rocket shaped flower heads.” – Linda Melnyk

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Last Week's Poll Results:

How did you first learn to garden?:

We love that most of you either learned to garden on your own or were taught by a family member! Alberta Grows is another way for you to share some of the valuable knowledge that you have developed and learn from others as well!

Be sure to check out the Resources  we have on the site, that are dedicated to helping you build and foster a flourishing garden. Connect with nature, and dig in, with our articles library, How-To and DIY videos, podcasts, and more!

  • I learned on my own!
  • A family member showed me!

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How many hanging baskets do you have?

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Do you name your plants?

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