Code of Conduct

Alberta Grows is an online, social community!

But like any social space, we have a couple of basic ground rules, to ensure that everyone feels safe, and welcome in our community. Before posting anything, please familiarize yourself with the following information in each tab:


  1. Before posting or commenting, please familiarize yourself with the feel of our community first.  Read a couple of other posts and comment threads, and get to know the basic etiquette on our site.  
  2. Be respectful to your fellow ABGrowers, at all times.
    Please remember that although our community exists virtually, it is made up of of real people. We are here to share our love of plants: share our knowledge about gardening, to inspire and motivate each other.

Here are some basic rules, for treating our site, and other ABGrowers on the site with respect:

Keeping things appropriate for all users:

  • Do not post vulgar or profane content. This includes sexual content, nudity, violence or posts condoning violence.
  • No swearing
  • No bullying
  • No use of racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, religious, or physical disability slurs
  • Please avoid references to drug use
  • Polite disagreement with other users is allowed of course (as opinions and polite intellectual discourse are a natural aspect of a social site) but treat one another with respect, and agree to disagree where possible.

Keeping things positive and kind:

  • Beginner and expert gardeners are welcome, and there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. We are all here to learn and grow!
  • If you have a problem with another user, their behaviour on the site, or spot any inappropriate content or images, please contact one of the mods. See Moderators section for mod contact information.

Any behaviour that does not comply with these outlined rules of conduct is subject to moderation and removal of content, or banning of the subject’s user account by our Moderators. 


When posting topics, or replying to conversations:

  • Please keep your conversations gardening-focused.
  • Use private messaging to share confidential information, such as an email or phone number. It’s not a good idea to post this information publically.
  • Use the search feature first, when posting your question in a forum as not to duplicate topics. See if someone else has already posted your question, before posting.
  • Do not copy somebody else’s post. This is considered plagiarism.
  • Please cite your source when giving advice other than your own
  • Spam, solicitation or advertising in the forums, comments, status, or by private message is not permitted.

Alberta Grows reserves the right to edit or amend any misleading or inaccurate content depicted in posts. Alberta Grows also reserves the right to delete posts violating the code of conduct.

Alberta Grows is not liable for the content you make public.

  • The information you post on your account is public – the visibility of this site is available to anyone and everyone online. Keep this in mind when posting anything personal, such as your contact information, phone number, email address, passwords, or any other sensitive information
  • Alberta Grows is not liable for the content you choose to post on the site – text, image, media, or otherwise.
  • Be conscious of copywrited material, as Alberta Grows is not liable for that and liability of copywrited material added in your posts is left to you as the user. To play it safe, it’s best to just use your own photographs.

Alberta Grows reserves the right to edit, delete, or amend any misleading or inaccurate content depicted in posts. Alberta Grows also reserves the right to delete posts violating the code of conduct.

When posting images, audio, video, or other media:

  • Post images which are copyrighted or trademarked at your own risk. Alberta Grows is not liable for the images that you post
  • Do not post sexual, nude, or violent, or otherwise inappropriate images
  • We have users of all ages on the site. Please keep content appropriate for everyone, so that all may feel welcome. Use discretion.

Alberta grows reserves the right to delete any image which it deems inappropriate. Accounts will be deleted if moderators sees fit.


Our moderators only have one intention – to create a safe and welcoming site for all. Here are some rules for interacting with the moderators on our site:

  • Please don’t publicly message the mods. Your posts will be deleted.
  • You can privately message the moderators, for questions about using the site or other concerns, but if you would like a timely response, it’s best to email us directly at , and we will reply to you via email.
  • Do not call out, impersonate or treat the moderators with disrespect.
  • Some rules may be interpreted differently by different people. Moderators will always do what they think is best to protect this community, and will assess things based on each individual situation to the best of their ability.
  • Moderators may give reason for their actions taken on site, but are not required to explain their actions and may act without notice or explanation.

Sometimes you may disagree with decisions made, or you may have questions about the way a situation was addressed. Please email us at, and we can address your situation further, and provide a moderation review. This is the only way you can have the action changed or reviewed, and even in reviewing, our moderators may decide to maintain the original decisions made.

Anyone without a green icon beside their name, and is not on the above list, is not a site moderator and does not hold moderation rights.

Moderator status is indicated by:

The green bug or flower icon in front of their name, and the title “ABGrows Moderator” beside their name

Here is the list of official moderators on our site:


If you have any questions about our code of conduct, please email us at This is the best way to contact us if you are looking to get a response. 

We appreciate your cooperation in making this community the best it can be. We hope you enjoy spending time on the site!

Thank you,

The Alberta Grows Team


Have a question? Send us an email! We'll try and get back to you as soon as we can.


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