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Events Submission Guidelines

Have a community event that would be perfect for the Alberta Grows Calendar? Please fill out the form on the right, to submit your event! Your event will be reviewed, and based on relevancy, and the criteria outlined below, and if accepted, will be featured on the calendar for the Alberta Grows community to see and attend.

How to Submit my Event:

  • Events can be submitted to us to our email, at and through the contact form here >
  • Events need to be related to gardening, or the gardening community in some way. Examples of events we accept are talks and lectures, workshops, classes, and other local events taking place in Alberta that relate to gardening.

What Information Do I Include?

To submit your event, send us an email with the following information:

  1. Please title email “Events Submission Request.”
  2. Fill out the form on this page accordingly. If you email us separately, please still include the following information about your event:
  • Basic Information
    • Event Title
    • Event Subtitle
    • Event Description (Describe your event)
    • Is this event for all ages? Please mention in description
    • Event cost (if applicable. If not, state that it’s free)
    • Start date and time
    • End date and time
    • Is it a repeating event? Y/N
  • Location Information:
    • Location name
    • Full location address, and postal code
    • Link to address in Google Maps
  • Organizer Information:
    • Organizer Name
    • Organizer contact information: (phone or email or both)
    • Organizer website (if applicable)
    • Event link/URL
  • Images and Attachments
    • Attach event image
    • Attach location image
    • Attach organizer logo or image


Filling out these corresponding information lines helps us add your event to our calendar! We look forward to receiving our email! 

Events Criteria

When we review events, it helps to know what criteria we’re accepting events under. We review events based on the following criteria:

  • Is the event relevant to gardening?
  • Does the event contribute to community building?
  • Does the event provide valuable information, knowledge, or experience to be gained?
  • Do we already have events posted that are too similar? If we have too many events similar to the one you’ve submitted, we may not be able to post it.
  • Can we somehow verify the legitimacy of your event, and the validity of the event host, and event location? (ensuring that we are promoting a real event that is likely to happen)
  • Is it free or paid? We want to have a balanced ratio of free and paid events on the calendar. 
    • Free events take first priority
    • Paid events that have high capacity and are widely recognized as an industry standard (like the Edmonton Home and Garden Show, for example) – are prioritized second.
    • All events after that are prioritized third.

Please keep the above criteria in mind, when submitting to us! Thank you!

General Policy

Once event has been reviewed and accepted, we will email you notice that your event has been accepted. An Alberta Grows Team Member will then ensure the posting of the event on the calendar within a couple of days.

Should any changes be required to be made to your event after its submission (change in location, change in event cost, cancellation of the event) it is requested that the event organizer contact us as soon as possible, with the respective changes, so that we may update those changes into our calendar for our users.

Policy note: We will regularly be reviewing our events submission policy, and our policy is subject to change without notice. Any revised changes will be updated and posted here in this post, and any events in the submission process will be addressed individually based on the time they were submitted in relation to our policy change.

Email Us Today!

Attaching Images?

If you have image attachments you would like to include, as our posting requires you to provide an event image, you can email those to us separately at 


Have a question? Send us an email! We'll try and get back to you as soon as we can.


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