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About Alberta Grows

About Alberta Grows:

What is Alberta Grows? Alberta Grows is an innovative online community for those that love spending time in the garden… it’s a social media website for those who love everything from houseplants to hanging baskets. A place to foster and inspire nature lovers by connecting them to other passionate plant-appreciators in their community. If you’re looking to get inspired about gardening, you’ve come to the right place!

Our vision for the site is for it to become a valuable and enjoyable resource for you, featuring how-to videos, eBooks, podcasts, photo albums, articles and more. Customize your profile to showcase photographs of your backyard in bloom, or connect with local gardening experts on your toughest plant questions. Talk to other gardeners, and get your gardening questions answered in our forums from local experts, or share your own gardening knowledge with others! Be creatively inspired with new DIY tutorials, or browse articles about this year’s hottest gardening trends – we have it all here.

Mission Statement:

At Alberta Grows, our mission is to educate and inspire gardeners both beginner and veteran. By providing educational resources, and fostering connection and community, we aim to make gardening accessible and exciting, while also encouraging connection and inspiring others about getting more involved with nature.

A Project By

Salisbury Greenhouse

Salisbury Greenhouse

Alberta Grows is a community-building project by Salisbury Greenhouse, located in Sherwood Park. Salisbury is a premier Edmonton greenhouse and one of Alberta’s largest full-service garden centres. We are a third-generation family business that has proudly served the Edmonton area since 1965 with a broad selection of garden supplies, tools and plants. Open year-round, we grow our own annuals, veggies, herbs, and most of our perennials on over four acres of greenhouse space. When it comes to gardening knowledge and expertise, we work hard to be a source you can rely on.

At Salisbury, our mantra is to educate, and inspire. We’re hoping that the Alberta Grows project acts as an opportunity to take that mission one step further, in helping extend our passion for plants, from our backyard, to yours.

Thanks for visiting our site, and happy growing!


on behalf of 
The Alberta Grows Team

Learn More About Us

Visit our website, to learn more about the products we provide, as well as upcoming workshops, classes, store hours, our online GrowStore and more!

Meet the Team

The Alberta Grows Team

Rob Headshot

Rob Sproule

Rob is a co-owner of Salisbury Greenhouse, and an established gardening author, and has written multiple books on gardening. It was out of his passion for gardening that the vision for the Alberta Grows website was born. Our in-house gardening expert, he knows everything when it comes to plants, and planting beautiful gardens.


Giselle - Project Lead

Giselle is new to gardening, but not to the world of design. Her role in building Alberta Grows primarily focused on project management, and overall site design. As team lead, she worked with others in bringing this vision to life, and hopes that the community will continue to “grow.”  She loves her plants, and all of her plants are named with Z names.


Jodi - Website Designer

Jodi has successfully kept ALL of her houseplants alive in her home for over 13 years. She has a lot of green thumb farmers and gardeners in her family that remind her that gardening is in her blood and she should plant more things. She hopes the site and its community becomes a great resource for Albertans, in helping them have healthy gardens and homes.


Anya - Web Development

Anya is well versed when it comes to the technical side of web design, helping code and develop the Alberta Grows site in an effort to help it look (and work!) it’s absolute best. She loves orchids, and thinks they are the coolest flowers, but she also thinks that the flower in her profile picture here from her trip to Singapore is also pretty cool.

Houseplants cover

Harley - Project Assistant

Harley also has a design background! She’s enthusiastic about plants, and looks forward to helping build and promote the Alberta Grows site, to users who may be interested!


Aimee - Photography, Design

Enthusiastic about plants, permaculture and all things that grow, Aimee has worked with developing the artistic direction for the greenhouse. Her experience in the gardening field helped customize this site for gardeners! She likes all types of plants, and enjoys taking photographs of beautiful flowers.


Gwen - Site Development Assistant

Gwen’s background is in site development and management. She enjoys plants, and looks forward to the direction that Alberta Grows, grows in!


Spicer - Least Weasel

Spicer is our project mascot! He’s a bit shy, and he’s a least weasel. He has the best wishes for all the new Alberta Growers, discovering this site!


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